yeske’s account

My dad joined the Biafran army immediately war was declared and fought till the end, his family( his mum and siblings) left for Abagana from Awka but weren’t fast enough as the federal forces caught up with them and they became refugees in some camp till the end. My mum and her family moved from Awka, first to Awgbu then moved on till they got to Orlu all on foot. They farmed and never lacked throughout the duration of the war, grandma still has her Biafran pound note than fascinated me when i was younger. After the war both families came back to Nibo to start all over and luckily their houses were still intact and no life was lost. Dad was still at the Owerri front when the war ended and they had to hide their uniforms because the federal federal forces could kill anyone with it, he found his way back to reconcile with his family. Though late now,still proud of him and other courageous men and women of his time.