gree-die’s account

My grandfather in anticipation of d war, stocked his house wit important food items.just b4 d war started, he relocated his family back to d villa, but stayed back to continue his biz until d nigerian army invaded onitsha and he was forced to run 4 his dear life, trekin all d way to my villa. As d war progressed and d biafran army thined down, he was forced to hide his grown sons inside a dried up well. One day, he was late 4 a meeting nd dey nominated his son, my father, to represent our community.a sad day it was. My dad fought actively in d war. He boasts of being among d ple who made explosives out of leaves nd grasses. They were so hungry dey had to feed on raw lizards, rats etc. He was l8r made a spy nd got hit on d neck by a stray bullet, thereafter he was sent home to recuperate. Accordin to my grand mum, she nd some women made nd sold dry packs to d soldiers. Everytin was scarce even match stick! At a point my family had to move to a village in ebonyi wit little or on human activity nd der dey stayed til d war came to an end. Thankfully,we lost nobody to d war
Unfortunately, dey lost some of their property. My grand mum’s greatest anguish was dat all their biafran money was exchanged 4 a paltry sum. They had to relocate to enugu nd start from scratch.